Welcome to LA PAS Timisoara, Romania

LA PAS/SLOW DOWN, initiated and developed by CRIES – Resource Centre for Ethical and Solidarity Initiatives Timișoara in 2018 within the frame of Timisoara 2023 – European Capital of Culture,aims to showcase gastronomic heritage in a context that respects the specific principles of sustainable cities and communities, developing responsible consumption skills among young people, sustainable practices in organizing cultural events and tourism, public policies that favour sustainable development models and a culture of solidarity and sustainability among citizens.


The LA PAS/SLOW DOWN Festival (Pctpber 13-15, 2023, Corneliu Miklosi Museum, Timisoara, Romania) represents an important moment for celebration of sustainable production and consumption that brings together artisans and consumers form Romania and Europe who value local products realized with attention to social and environmental standards.


The TASTE AS HERITAGE Competition aims to promote gastronomy as part of the immaterial cultural heritage.


The Educational Programme responds to urgent needs confronting today’s society – climate change, pollution, food waste, and aims to foster and develop sustainable development competences of the young people.


LA PAS/SLOW DOWN in the Neighbourhoods takes the form of public events based in communities and micro-communities across the city and aims to promote handmade products, local artisans and producers and to encourage responsible consumption.

Through the LA PAS/SLOW DOWN Programme, CRIES develops the complementarities necessary for putting the local gastronomic heritage under the spotlight against a sustainability dimension; last but not least, to integrate the aims and principles of the European Parliament's 2014 Report on the European gastronomic heritage that states that gastronomy is part of our identity. Culinary arts are a vector of conviviality and an important moment of sociability and experiencing a gastronomic culture is a form of cultural exchange.In addition, operationalizes the objective of the Cultural Strategy of Timișoara 2018-2022 that refers to the celebration of the regional gastronomic culture.

The entire LA PAS/SLOW DOWN program, as presented in the Bidbook for Timişoara 2023 European Capital of Culture, promotes environmental sustainability and a healthy life style by stimulating responsible consumption and a better use of the city as a public space, by promoting regional products, mobility and green energy. The program raises awareness of the shortcomings of the current agricultural practices, as well as of the benefits of alternative methods. It supports local farmers and small entrepreneurs in shortening the food distribution chain, proposing innovative models of collaboration and mutual support.